Riphah University Organizes International Summit on Ideology of Pakistan


Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Students Services Department of Riphah International University has organized an International Summit on Ideology of Pakistan to celebrate Pakistan Day. The objective of this mega-summit was to pay tributes to our national heroes of Jad-o-Jahad e Aazadi and to recognize their sacrifices for getting this country at Aiwan-e-Quid, F-9 Park Islamabad.

The ceremony was honored by the presence of chief guest Dr. Naeem Ghani chairman Nazria Pakistan trust, Mr. Hassan Muhammad khan Chancellor Riphah University, Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad Vice Chancellor Riphah University & Dr. Riaz Ahmad, Eminent Scholar.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony Dr. Naeem Ghani chairman Nazria Pakistan trust, advised the students that Pakistan is your identity, honored your identity as you are the symbol and future of this country, He defines the meaning of education is human development, and education should be relevant which help the others like society and their surroundings, He said this universe is under the process of evolution and we have to develop our country as well.

Mr. Hassan Muhammad khan chancellor Riphah University, addressed the students to find out what is the meaning of Pakistan, its purpose and evaluate yourself and your purpose as our country was build on the ideology of Islam and advised students to spend their life according to the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah.

Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad Vice Chancellor Riphah University in his speech emphasized that don’t forget your past, sacrifices of our ancestors and the actual facts and figures are not delivered to the young and current generation and Quaid E Azam was not a Secular person he was a true Muslim and real patriot, he sacrifices everything even their comfort zone to gain this separate country to spend our lifes as a true Muslim and implement its practices. Quaid e Azam aimed to create true Islamic state with application of all Islamic principles to run a welfare state. Speaker urges students to read Quaid e Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal to better understand Pakistan ideology.

Student from different universities participated in arts, essay writing, debates, research posters and video documentary competitions. A large number of students from Riphah & other universities participated in the Summit.


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