Dozens of animals, birds die in Islamabad Zoo due to negligence of officials


ISLAMABAD: Dozens of birds and animals died at the Islamabad Zoo under the supervision of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Metropolitan due to negligence and bad performance of the ineligible officials.
At least 48 birds, eight Nilgais, a deer and monkeys and four lioness cubs have been recently died in the Zoo.
Sources said that sub-standard medicines have been given to the birds in order to save them from bird flu but instead of reviving to their health, every year hundreds of birds died due to these low quality medicines.
Ostriches have also been died due to bird flu.
On the other hand, animals at the Islamabad Zoo worth hundreds and thousands of rupees have been handed over to high officials of political and social sector as a gift and no one dare to ask from the zoo staff in this regard.
Water motor at Zoo has also remained dysfunctional for two weeks in a month that is why animals at the Zoo fell in several diseases due to water scarcity and lack of quality food. Water motor could not be made functional despite spending hefty amounts on it several times.
Moreover, animals were dying due to negligence of Zoo director. Lioness had given birth to 4 cubs for three months ago but they died within two months due to lack of food and medicines. Sources said that hayracks of animals at Zoo were made through contractor.
Only Rs 20,000 had been spent on the construction of these hayracks but Zoo officials with their connivance passed bills of hundreds and thousands of rupees to contractor from national exchequer.

On the other hand, several Mann of beef has been brought at Zoo for Lion daily but it has been supplied to the houses of high officials instead of lion.
A voice has also been raised in the National Assembly regarding corruption in the beef ordered for the Lion at Zoo but no inquiry has been initiated till yet by the CDA or metropolitan besides food and medicines of the birds.


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