Victims of PQA appeals to Sindh Govt to address their grievances


KARACHI: Flood of 2010 in Sindh had brought a biggest destruction in distinct of Sindh and thousands of people became homeless, died and ruined their belongings. Then they moved to Karachi for sanctuary where they could earn bread for their children and survive happy lives. Government of Sindh provided them empty plots of government in Karachi in different places and settled them. Also provided them all needs of living including tents, food, clothes, medicines. Some of them were settled at Razzaqabad in front of District Council’s Bin Qasim Town office with all facilities of good living for years. Now after passage of 9 years their population has also been increased. They were irritated many times by local builders. KDA who claimed that plot belongs to them but affected people got a surprise when Port Qasim Authority officials arrived in flood affected camp in their vehicles with security and handed over them notices of vacating the plots and warned them that plots should be kept vacant before 19 March otherwise force will be utilized to clear the land. Flood disturbed people called an emergency meeting and took a decision to reject the notice and refuse to vacate the plot on the direction of Port Qasim Authority. On this occasion, the President of flood affected camp Ismail Soomro, vice president Abdul Ghaffar Magsi , General Secretary Abdul Raheem Mastoi, Sanjar Machi, Haji Laloo Bhatti SUP leader Faiz Heesbani and others talking to the journalists said that in flood of 2010 they had lost their homes, crops, cattle and every thing and came to Karachi to take shelter and saving lives. Sindh government had resettled them at the vacant plots of government in Razzaqabad and provided support to them. They said many local builders and KDA, MDA have disturbed them and now Port Qasim Authority is also going to ruin them once again. Where will they have to go, leaving this place because all the doors are closed for them. Moreover, they said that PPP elected representatives Sajid Jokhio and Abdul Hakeem Balouch many times they took votes from them.They made false promises with us and did not support them . They appealed to the Sindh government and concerned authorities to provide them houses on consistent basis and help them out in recent situation.


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