Mammoth rally warns India of its disintegration , if it did not shun war-mongering approach

Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): Hundreds of the activists of various progressive Kashmiri political groups here Tuesday staged peace-march against the prevailing escalation of Indo-Pak tension at the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir following the initiation of war-mongering and aggressive Indian approach from across the LoC.

The rally, led by Jammu Kashmir Peoples National Party’s Chairman Raja Zulfiqar Ahmed Advocate, Central President J&K Workers Party Rizwan Karamat, JKLF (AJK Zone) Chief Organiser Touseef Jirraal Advocate, Saad Insari Advocate, President Mazdoor Mahaaz AJ Hafiz Arif, Prsident Mirpur District Bar Association Tahir Bashir Ch. Advocate, Bashir Ziai and others, passed through various city streets including Hall Road, Quaid-e-Azam Chowk, Mian Muhammad Road, Allama Iqbal Road and turned into a mammoth public congregation at central shaheed chowk.

Shouting full-throated anti-war slogans, the participants were holding white flags to mark their peace loving approach besides calling for the restoration of complete peace at the turbulent LoC through the peaceful settlement of the heated Kashmir issue by the two nuclear armed neighboring India and Pakistan through peaceful means of the result-oriented dialogue in line with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir, major and basic party to the much-delayed Kashmir conflict, they added.

Speakers warned India that since the freedom movements were already at climax in 14 of the Indian states at present, New Delhi shell have to leave her war-mongering approach in the region for the sake of her own survival. “Otherwise a minor-scale war in the region could leave India into pieces”, they warned.

Addressing the rally speakers including the JK PNP Supremo Raja Zulfiqar Advocate said that wars had never been proved the source of settlement of any of the issue. “Rather the wars in the current era cause more problems besides leaving destruction for the humanity – not only in the concerned conflict zones – but also the world over”, he warned.

The Kashmiri leader said it was high time for both India and Pakistan to take care of the cognizance of the prevailing situation in the region and the harms of the consequences of the wars and move for the peaceful solution of Kashmir issue according to the desire and wishes of about 200 million people of Jammu & Kashmir paving way for the emergence of everlasting peace and speedy progress of the troubled region, he urged.

Zulfiqar observed that hording huge arms to perpetuate, what he called, the war-like situation in this part of the South Asian region could leave no positive results except continue bringing billions of the population under the line of the poverty through utilization of huge expenditures for the sake of purchasing the mega catchy of arms for the sake of their respective defense, he added.

The Kashmiri leader emphasized upon the war-mongering India particularly to forcus for getting over a billion of her population from the rate of severe poverty through providing them employment, health, education and shelter-like basic amenities of life by moving to resolve the Kashmir issue through a result-oriented dialogue with Pakistan under the spirit of the internationally-acknowledged norms and commitments vis a vis Jammu & Kashmir issue.

Raja Zulfiqar said that Jammu Kashmir is an inalienable entity and no power on earth could resort to any harm to this centuries old historical and geographical entity. He underlined that the people of Jammu & Kashmir have launched their struggle to secure their right to self determination and not for any disintegration and division. The people of Jammu Kashmir would continue the struggle for freedom till it reach to its logical end, he reiterated Kashmiris resolve.

Reminding the United Nations of her due global obligations, the Kashmiri leader said that if referendum could be managed in East Taimur and Scotland to enable the population of these states to determine their destiny, why this due basic human right was being denied to the people of Jammu Kashmir in spite of moving of over 34 resolutions on Jammu Kashmir in the United Nations to decide about their destiny since over past seven decades, he asked.

Zulfiqar Raja called upon the government of Pakistan to immediately move the Kashmir issue in the United Nations Security Council – since the people of the state have full faith that Pakistan sincerely support Kashmiris right of freedom in letter and spirit, he added. “As such there would be no option for India to skip of the due global and UN pressure to resolve the lingering issue further more”, he observed.

Through a unanimously-passed resolution, the rally demanded of the government of AJK of immediate delivery of due relief to the heirs of the Kashmiri martyrs besides to those injured in unprovoked Indian firing and shelling at the troubled LoC in AJK for their early recovery and rehabilitation.

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