IESCO announces power suspension schedule by today


Islamabad: (PR) According to Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO)’s spokesman, due to inventible system up gradation/ maintenance on 13 March 2019 electricity supply to below
mentioned feeders/areas will be suspended according to the mentioned schedule:
On 13 March 2019, 10:30am to 03:30pm, Fizaya, Tarlai, Khanna-II, Al-Noor Cly, Scheme-1, Noor Muhammad, Jinnah Camp, Al-Noor Colony, Highway feeders, 07:00am to 06:00pm, Mathial feeders, 10:00am to 03:00pm, Chakra, F-10 (Kala Base), Borian, M. Riaz Shaheed, Gaddari, Bhagwal, Co Muhammad Akram, Kaka Khail, Cap Ahsan Waseem,
Kountrilla, Samote, Chappar Sharif, pari, Lalazar, Maj Riaz, Jawara feeders, 09:00am to 04:00pm, Bakrala feeders, 10:00am to 04:00pm, T&T 17 Mile, B/Kahu, Bahria Golf City, NIH, Sukho, Bhangali, Adhi feeders, 09:30am to 03:30pm, Parrial, Arslan Poultry Form, Chahan,
Gaggan feeders, 09:00am to 05:00pm, Jakkar , Pakhwal, Borain, COD kala feeders, 09:00am to 02:00pm, Barma, G-6, Perbat Road, Scheme-1, Tumair (Nilore), Jinnah Super, G-8/1, Chatha, Bela Road (G-10), MPCHS, Faisal Mosque, G-10/4, Police Lines, H-8/2, T&T 17 Miles,
Company Bagh, Kohallah, Patriata, Treat (Murree), T&T, 6 th Road, PTCL, New Malpur, Al-Noor Cly, Pirwadhai, Benazir Bhutto, Committee Chowk, Muslim Abad, Tehmasim Abad, D.H.Q, Chaklala, Kashmir Road, Bank Road-II, Mrree Brewery, National Park, NPF-1, Tipu Road,
Morgah, Azizabad, Peshawar Road, Capt Amir, K.H.Road, Jhawara, Shah Jevan feeders, 10:00am to 02:00pm, Kashif Gul Shaheed, Bharama, Model Tow, Barazai, Gondal, Haji Shah (New), Bather, Jhang, Jalala, Pourmiana, Wahdat Colony, Malikwal, Kot Sarang, Dhurnal,
Daroot, Balkassar, Dhudial Express, Saigalabad, Syed Kasran feeders and surrounding areas will be affected, In case of early completion of work electricity supply will be restored before time given in schedule.


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