AJK PM hailed the services of K. H. Khurshid leading to Kashmir liberation struggle


MUZAFFARABAD : (Parliament Times) The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said K. H. Khurshid was a man of principles, commitment and dedicated himself to the cause of Kashmir liberation struggle.

Addressing 31st anniversary of former AJK President K.H. Khurshid here on Monday he said Khurshid was selected by Quaid-e-Azam to work as his private secretary when the founder of the nation visited Kashmir. The late leader had great commitment with the growth and development of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, he added. It was a great honour for AJK that one of its former Presidents worked with founder of the nation, he stated. Khurshid held command over many languages and was a world within himself. He announced that municipal hall after necessary decoration would be named after K. H. Khurshid.

“Kashmiris would have to come forward to counter the toxic Indian propaganda at diplomatic fronts. Sensitivities of Kashmiris were greatly hurt when Indian Foreign minister was invited to foreign minister’s conference of OIC recently” he said. He said on one hand debate on Kashmir was held to discuss human rights abuses of India in IOK and other the other hand Sushma Siraj was being heard as special guest in OIC.

Mr. Haider admitted that except Pakistan there is no one supporting the cause of people of Kashmir. He said all the political parties of AJK would be brought under one umbrella and overseas Kashmiris would also be mobilized to highlight massive human rights abuses of Indian forces in IOK.

He said world should try to understand that Kashmir was the real cause of escalation between India and Pakistan. Until this conflict was resolved through tripartite talks and in accordance with UN resolutions the clouds of escalation would keep hovering over the region.

Mr. Haider urged to highlight the cruelties of Indian forces at LoC against civilian population of AJK. He was of the view that AJK government and APHC leadership should be given responsibility of advocacy on Kashmir. Kashmir issue is the matter of life and death of one and half crore human beings. It is not a mutual issue which is yet to be settled in accordance with UN resolutions, he maintained.


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