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PPP Govt: Vision towards poverty reduction in Sindh

By Noman Ali Shaikh

Coordination Secretary,
PPP Sindh,

Sindh government plans to launch new seven different programs to reduce poverty, ensure food security, and family health in the province. These programs would cover poverty reduction, food security, and family health while Benazir women agricultural workers program will soon initiate across the province.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that these programs are an attempt to implement PPP election manifesto. In this regard, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah presided the high-level meeting on Thursday.

Chief Minister Sindh said that Bilawal Bhutto Chairman PPP has directed him to start implementation of election manifesto of the party. People gave us votes on the manifesto, therefore it must be implemented as approved by them, and added that he had convened the meeting to discuss newly proposed programs for public welfare.

The proposed programs include Bhook Mitao program, Family health program, Maternal and Child Support, Peoples Poverty reduction, Benazir Kissan program, Benazir Women Agricultural Workers program and Internship Guarantee Program.

Under Bhook Mitao Program, necessary measures would be taken to provide food security, nutrition and to ensure proper pricing of agricultural commodities/crop. Under this program, the wheat procurement system would be redesigned and revamped just to give benefit to poor and small farmers.

While under the Family Health program, it is proposed to be launched by the health department under which health facilities and services would be provided to all people, particularly the poor and women. There is also a proposal to issue a health card to provide free treatment to all the citizens. This program will ensure the primary health service.

Under the Maternal & Child Support program, that would be launched by the health department and would cover family planning and provide necessary facilities for maternal and child health. By this program, there is a proposal to give an amount of money to mothers for a certain period and provide health services and develop social protection system.

Peoples Poverty Reduction program, small-scale livelihood support would be made to rural women. Presently, the World Bank-supported Sindh Rural Support Organization is working in selected districts and the proposal is to widen its scope and impact.

Benazir Kissan program is aimed at streamlining agricultural subsidies, particularly to small farmers.

Benazir Women Agricultural Workers program, under this part legal recognition, would be given to women agricultural workers so that they can get small agricultural loans and they would also be provided access to services.

Internship Guarantee program, for educated youth, would be provided. The educated rural and urban youth, particularly from non-privileged background would be entitled to take benefit from this program.

PPP Government under Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousif Raza Gillani Launched BENAZIR BHUTTO INCOME SUPPORT PROGRAMM in July 2008 to tribute Shaheed Mohtarmma Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated in 2007 and program is successfully on a way. Latter on PML-N and PTI government have also continued the same. BISP is widely supported by International Organizations.

PPP government in Sindh no doubt is keen to interest the poor people of the province and wants to reduce the poverty.

There might be accusations of favoritism and political influence, it is suggested that impact evaluations should be conducted to evaluate the benefits and actual need for the program. If the PPP government Succeeded to properly implement this 7- point agenda than the manifesto of the party will be counted as a result oriented

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