AJK PM appeals PM IK to take notice of Nawaz Sharif’s declining health condition

MUZAFFARABAD: (Parliament Times) The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has appealed Prime Minister Imran Khan to take notice of deteriorating health of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday he said everyone has right of life under constitution but Sharif was being subjected to humiliation with regard to his health. A lot of mockery was made for Kulsoom Nawaz in the past when she was seriously sick and the mockers had to beg for pardon later, he pointed out.

Mr. Haider lamented that Sharif who made country atomic power, got it out of the darkness and put it on the road of progress was being humiliated like this. Welcoming constitution of a committee by Speaker Punjab Assembly, regarding health of Sharif, he called upon national assembly, senate and Sindh assembly to come up with the same initiative.

Mr. Haider reminded PM Imran Khan that when he fell down from a public meeting stage back in 2013 Sharif had put off his election campaign for a day and went to see Khan with bouquets.

He said country needed harmony at this juncture but major parties – PPP and PML-N were being victimized by the ruling party.

The Premier said Sharif was a three-time prime minister of the country. Such a degrading treatment with him would not be tolerated. “No one has the power to give certificate of patriot or traitor. Earlier Benazir was being called traitor and now such words are being used for Sharif” he said.

He said there are no quality health facilities available in the hospitals Sharif was being referred to. Sharif is not a criminal he is only an accused, he remarked.

He paid tributes to the PML-N leadership for showing restraints and sagacity. He even criticized the mechanism of arrest of PTI leader Aleem Khan. He said Sharif had been released in one case in which lot of hue and cry was being made.

The Prime Minister applauded the bravery of armed forces of the country and said they taught India a lesson by downing two war planes because of its aggression against Pakistan.

He said the report of United Nations read out in Europe Union includes formation of a fact finding mission for Indian Occupied Kashmir to monitor massive human rights abuses there.

He also hit out at media and said in his absence from the State some negative and baseless news were published about him. He said media should not print news against national interest nor give impression there were differences between state and federal government because it is exploited by India.

He said question does not arise that Kashmir Council would be returned 20% administration and financial powers. However, he said to settle other issues or bring betterment we can go for 14th amendment. To a question he said all the credit of Kashmir liberation struggle goes to the people of J&K who have been offering tremendous sacrifices. To yet another question the Premier said AJK government would construct bunkers in 13 constituencies at LoC at a cost of 13 crore rupees while a demand for 5 billion rupees have been sent to federal government for more than 6 lakh persons living close to LoC. He said new ambulances were being purchased in view of escalating situation. He said he would visit areas close to LoC from March 14. He said all facilities have been provided in the camps set up for Indian forces firing affectees.

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