Pakistan’s peace gesture amid Indian warmongering

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Malik Abdul Rahman

The relationship between two arch-rivals –India and Pakistan, has never been sound since Independence from British Yoke in 1947. Both countries have fought wars and Pakistan has paid a heavy price after the falling of Dhaka (East Pakistan –Bangladesh) due to the conspiracy of India. India, being the biggest democracy, has always escalated the situation with hegemonic designs and abruptly starts building war hysteria to secure votes in the Elections especially,the sitting PM Narendra Modi whose main grudge lies with Muslims as he had done a similar mess in Gujarat which caused riots resulting in the loss of lives of the Innocent Muslims.
Unfortunately, he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and all happened due to his propagation of anti-muslim policies and instigating hatred among the Hindus against the Muslims over slaughtering of Cows.
Though he has been elevated to the post of Prime Minister, yet his hate-filled speeches instigated the Indians against Pakistan in post-Pulwama Attack that resulted in causalities of 45 Indian Armed forces in J&K.
Like the past Practices, without thinking a moment, India started pointed fingers on Pakistan for the said incident by portraying Pakistan, their biggest enemy, though Pakistan’s sensible leadership under Imran Khan categorically rejected the Indian Claims considered them baseless.
Imran Khan also offered India to Investigate the matter by the provision of solid evidence. On the contrary, the Indian stubbornness led to Indian aggression when two IAF Jets dropped payloads in haste when PAF Planes pushed them back.
Modi, for face-saving, claimed to have targeted the JeM camps but DG ISPR Major General Scrapped the claims through his tweet with actual pictures where payloads were dropped by IAF jets in haste to escape PAF response.
In a defensive move, Pakistan Air force and Pak Army shot down two IAF jets of India.Even, the forces captured Indian Pilot Wing commander Abhinandan alive who was later released as peace gesture after the decision of the joint session of Parliament.
The world welcomed the move aimed at de-escalation but so called Indian Media, as usual, started portraying and celebrating the peace gesture as their victory which invited wrath and criticism from peace lovers and analysts. While some sensible Journalists even termed it the moral victory of Pakistan that won hearts of the Parents of captured Pilot and put water on the evil designs of PM Modi whose plan failed miserably within days of execution and Pakistan appeared victorious on Diplomatic front internationally and Kashmir Issue came in the limelight
According to various Security experts, There is no possibility of full-scale war as both Neighbours are nuclear powers and the war will have adverse repercussions, not only on both countries but it will engulf the entire region.It might bring miseryan destruction in the region, they feared.
The defence experts are also of the view that the current escalation and the war hysteria built by Modi in order to win election support from the People of India for his second term as PM will not happen. As, at the moment, his opposition alliance seems to be well prepared and will give BJP tough time in all the states since Indian National Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi appears to be the most favourite candidate for PM Slot who enjoys massive support from other opposition parties to form future Government.
To maintain deterrence and balance of power, to silence the critics, in a defensive move, Pakistan shot down two IAF jets and captured wing commander Abhor Nandan alive.
The arrest of Pilot startled belligerent India. Kudos to Pakistan PM Imran Khan for taking the sensible decision and announcing the release of the captured pilot for peace gesture while speaking to the joint session of parliament that sent peace waves to India and the world.
The World community hailed the decision including US President Donald Trump, UN chief, China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Imran Khan said that if peace returns to both countries with this move, we are ready to release Abhinandan for the sake of peace and goodwill.let’s live with peace and let the people live in a peaceful manner.
The senior journalists in India applauded the decision and welcomed the peace gesture and expected the same from India but India crossed all the limits of Human rights and stoned to death an innocent prisoner who had crossed Loc by mistake in sheer frustration.
Shakirullah became the soft target of Indian war hysteria created by Narendra Modi and was brutally killed stoning to death by prisoners for so-called revenge.
India still fuelling the war hype through irresponsible News Channels and levelled scores of allegations against Pakistan such as cross border terrorism.
Even, India justified the attack by saying that it was offensive against the terrorists’ camp of Jaish e Mohammad. But Indian white lies proved wrong when DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor categorically rejected the Indian claims and posted the pictures of Indian payload that was dropped in haste in the midnight causing no causality.
The DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor’s tweet sent tremors which jolted BJP propaganda but the so-called Indian Media even took the peace gesture as weakness and started calling Abhinandan a hero.
The Peace loving and optimist journalists criticized the irresponsible reporting of Indian Media and called for immediate halt to such war Mongering and spreading hatred through Media including social media channels while Pakistani media presented the true picture and displayed responsibility understanding the gravity of the issue.
The Senior leaders of Indian National Congress and other opposition parties started protesting against Modi’s warmongering and demanded immediate halt to such anti-peace initiative aimed at winning political support for upcoming Indian General Elections which will decide the fate of BJP and Other Parties to determine as who is going to be crowned as Next Prime Minister of India.
Modi’s Premiership sickness has no bounds and he is playing with fire in a dangerous game of War that might bring misery not only for belligerent neighbours but will engulf the whole region. Even it might be disastrous for the entire world if nuclear weapons were used.
Modi’s abortive efforts to win the elections at the cost of risking Peace, will never be fulfilled since Wars bring misery, hunger, disease and destruction in the world given the alarming repercussions of World war-I and World War –II and loss of millions of innocent lives in the quest of Power, egoism and supremacy for some vested interests and endangering the whole nation at the cost of small gains.
It is not a sensible decision to push the country on the backburner and destroy economic opportunities with belligerent behaviour.
Though the offer of mediation from US president Donald Trump was turned down by India, but Luckily, despite Indian warmongering, Pakistan has achieved tremendous diplomatic support at apex forums when UN Chief, US, Russia, Turkey and OIC member countries and Kashmir seem to be slipping from the hand of India.
The issue has been raised by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi at Diplomatic level that has started bearing fruit for Pakistan in terms of Moral Support whereas India has been heavily criticized and condemned at all levels.The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has offered his office for mediation between Two Neighbours to deescalate the Situation.
In short, Pakistan is fortunate enough to have professional Armed forces whose professional attitude was lauded by Indian Pilot Abhinandan during the detention period.
In his video message, he appreciated the professional behaviour of Pakistan Army and lambasted Indian Media for Warmongering and Fake News.
He further said that he was treated in a fair manner and even Armed Forces saved him from the people who were beating him.
Such a video was a slap on the face of Modi and his all cards and tactics failed miserably and ended tragically. Thus, Pakistan has won the battle morally and peacefully.
Pakistan’s befitting response terrified India which prompted the Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to hold the press conference and declared that they want peace and not war. Pakistan welcomed the statement decision and reaffirmed resolve to demonstrate the same.
Furthermore, Indian aggression also brought both PTI led Government and opposition parties on the same page and they extended their full support to Armed Forces and Military leadership.
The captive Indian Pilot Abhinandan was released as per announcement and handed over to Indian Forces while Pakistan received stone riddled dead body of Prisoner Shakirullah in return.
Pakistan has offered India hundred times to initiate the strategic dialogue to get rid of Stalemate but India has always tried to avoid the dialogue process and speeded up atrocities in Jammu& Kashmir and Indian Killing spree seems to have no limits.
The mass scale use of chemical weapons and pelt guns calls for the intervention of the World community especially UN to urge India to demilitarize J&K and start the dialogue process.
Since the 17-year long US war in Afghanistan has failed to give desired results and India must learn a lesson from it and refrain from further escalation of war like situation rather the efforts should be made for normalization of Relations so that trade relations and people to people contact may be restored in mutual interest.
Pakistan has always remained calm and Patient demonstrated willingness and readiness to talks but India never engaged with Pakistan for meaningful dialogue and often walks away owing to internal pressure.
The dynamic Pakistani leadership has demonstrated the show of patience and forbearance, though PM Imran Khan had authorized the Army forces to retaliate if War is imposed upon Pakistan.
It is hoped that both the neighbours will sit together and address their issues through dialogue rather than creating a war like situation that has already ensured their stock Exchange Point losses due to war clouds and uncertainty.
We should also give credit to our valiant Forces especially Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air force acting on time and defending the frontiers of Motherland.
We are really proud of our forces and the PTI led Government especially Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and PM Imran Khan by showing tolerance and bearing the pressure boldly and making the nation proud and at the same time promoting love and peace as Peace opens the countless opportunities for development and Progress.
Let’s hope that both countries should jointly wage a war against terrorism and Poverty and should live like good neighbours and settle their disputes in a friendly environment through meaningful dialogue.

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