Ch. Nasir Mohammad: A successful Pakistani entrepreneur in Brussels

Interview by Rasheed Ahmed,

Chaudhry Nasir Mohammad is a brilliant face of Pakistani Community living in Brussels. His role as a Businessman, as a politician, as a Social Worker and as a Sportsman is very active. He has honor being the first Asian Pakistani Councillor. Mr.Nasir is also working as Police Advisor in Brussels.

Hailing from Gujrat Nasir moved to Brussels in early 90s and started his own business there. With his passion, hard work, honesty and determination, he proved himself a successful businessman. Now he is running two Belgian based Companies. During an interview to Daily Parliament Times Mr. Nasir spoke on a number of issues particularly his role as a community leader and first Asian Pakistani origin councilor.

Parliament times, Your Introduction please?

NM: My name is Nasir Mohammad; I belong to Gujrat, Pakistan. And work here in Brussels (Belgium) as Police Adviser along with Councilor also run two successful Businesses.

P.Times: You are the first Asian Pakistani origin councilor, when and why you started politics?

NM: In June 2018 I was invited in a dinner party by embassy of Pakistan in Steigenberger Hotel at avenue Louis, there some of my friends Sardar Sadeeq and Dr Manzoor invited me to participate in Brussels local politics, We discussed the situation of Pakistani Community in Belgium and feel need active participation of Pakistani people in Local politics. Thanks both of my friends, today I am The first Asian Pakistani Councilor in Brussels city Government. In Steigenberger.

P. Times: Many communities are living in Belgium, where you place Pakistani community among these?

NM: The city of Brussels is not only The Capital city of Belgium but also the center of European politics and probably the most cosmopolitan city of Europe, where 182 nationalities are living together. Among these 182 communities Pakistanis are about 15500 in all over the Belgium, most of them belong to Business and have very good reputation in Belgium. There is an open thinking that The Pakistani are hard worker, Honest and peace loving.

P. Times: As a councilor what are your services for the people?

NM: As a Councilor , I am available at any time to serve the community. Our Business community some time face some problems to get some permission from the city Government, as well as there is always big line in the Brussels union council to get about 30 different type of certificates, I try my best to obtain most of these certificates by myself and give them at homes to the people at their home who are sick, old, are cannot come to the union council for some reason

P. Times: What is the secret of your fitness?

NM: I love swimming, long drive, Parachute jump, flying ULM, Scuba dive and I enjoy indoor skydive as well, also I like Cricket that is why I tried my best to host welcome ceremony for WORLD CUP 2019 TROPHY in Brussels. We proud that this is the first time in Brussels history

P. Times: Are you satisfied with what the government of Pakistan has been doing for the protection of overseas Pakistanis?

NM: I am hopeful that since Pakistani overseas commission is working, we feel secure and comfortable, but this commission needs to take some more measures to protect overseas Pakistani rights in Pakistan .No, doubt the situation is better than before

P. Times: What is the future of Pakistani Community in Belgium?

NM: The future of Pakistani Community in Belgium is very bright, we are taking part

In every field of life. More Political and social activist are planning to take part in local politics. A prominent personality of Community Dr. Manzoor has elected as member parliament of Belgium. Like this many Pakistanis are entering in local politics and social sector.

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