In Pakistan’s time of crisis, we will all stand united: Sherry Rehman

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party leader Sherry Rehman in light of the mounting tensions between India and Pakistan said that we all stand united in this time of crisis for the country.
Speaking to a private TV channel, the former leader of opposition stated that the responsibility falls on India after the attack on Tuesday adding: “They crossed our geographical boundaries and they were apprehended instantly which was rightfully done.”
The leader further questioned the neighboring country for terming yesterday’s attack as an ‘act of counter-terrorism’ questioning what terrorism they have been countering.
Furthermore, she added that the international response to the situation has thus far been disappointing. Moreover, the leader stated that in this time of crisis, all differences will be set aside and “we would all stand united.”
On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Senator Mushahid Hussain stated in the wake of the present situation that the entire nation is proud of the forces for the counter-attack while adding: “What India did yesterday was a breach of our country’s airspace and geographical boundaries, therefore this was a rightful response to them and a message that Pakistan will not tolerate anything.”
He further also urged international bodies to step in and help bring the two countries together in resolving the conflicts.

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