YP focusing on promotion of Tourism: Ubaid Qureshi

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Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) Youth will build positive and peaceful image of Kashmir through the promotion of natural tourismacross the Kashmir, Kashmir Tourist a is 1st step. President Youth Parliament Pakistan, Mr Ubaid Qureshi stated that Youth Parliament is focusing on long- term strategies and policies focused on promotion of Tourism because natural beauty is unexplored yet, effective investment and integrated regional development for youth are integral to achieving to achieving sustainable and inclusive tourism growth in region. The growth that takes into account current and future.
Last year Youth Parliament arranged camps at different entry points of Azad Jammu and Kashmir where we welcomed and guided the tourists coming from different areas of Pakistan. Youth Parliament briefed them with the necessary information related to roads, weather conditions, landslides and much more to endure their safety and to have them safe journey in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmir Tourist a is a step to way forward to this vision of Youth Parliament. As we are working together with the government Tourism department and University Students to promote our culture and tourism in state. President Muzaffarabad Umer Asif and cabinet is the main organizer and focal person of this event on the behalf of Youth Parliament also highlighted the previous efforts of Youth Parliament to
promoting tourism in state. Where Youth Parliament stood beside the national institutions of the state to help and guide better the tourists.
Federal President Ubaid Qureshi assign duties to Bilal Masood Sheikh (Dy. Secretary General) for the correspondence with the Federal Ministries. He will invite and gather in Kashmir, while Provincial
President Ashfaq Younas and Senior Vice President Hassan Naqvi will be the host of the event. Universities students across the Pakistan and Federal Government representative including MPA MNA, Ministers will attend the ceremony. He also highlighted that Parliament is currently working with government institution to draft a new policy to make tourism as an industry in the state.

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