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Korangi Hospital needed more attention

By Dr. Abdul Razak Shaikh,

Health is the basic right for the people of the province and state responsible for the provision of quality basic Health care, which is accessible, affordable and acceptable.

Karachi has more than 20 million population and all the languages peoples are living in different parts of the area.

The government has tried with their best efforts to provide the Health facilities at the doorstep.

Korangi District has two major Hospitals in Saudabad and Korangi areas with pupation more than 5 million, though other small medical units are also working in the different areas of the district among of them these two major Hospitals are having a tertiary level.

Sindh Government Hospital Korangi established in 1962 is situated in No.5 having 350 beds for admission. This Hospital has all Specialists in every department except Eye Surgeon and Psychiatrist and presently 19 posts of BPS-18 and 19 are vacant.

Korangi Hospital OPD having a flow of patient an about 3000 to 4000 at morning time and 1000 to 1500 in evening Hours. This is only Hospital in Karachi having the facility of the Evening shift. Casualty having also 800 to 1000  patient’s incoming flow in night hours. Cardiac Emergency is also working fully for 24 hours.

In the month of November 2018, Honourable Minister Health Dr. Azra Pechuo posted Dr. Farrukh Sher Khan as an Additional Medical Superintendent  Korangi Hospital having 31 years experience of his valuable Services. Dr. Farrukh Sher Khan has done a lot of efforts to improve the Hospital with the consent of Medical Superintendent of SGH Korangi, he met Chief Secretary and Secretary Health for solving the issues.

Presently Law and Order situation is improved and Police is available round o clock and Harassment cases are no more.

With the efforts of Dr.Farrukh Sher khan encroachment has been cleared from Hospital and the main gate. Walls of the area are now colorful and drainage system has been improved. Hospital is now free from Load shedding by the energetic efforts of AMS. Still, lifts of Hospitals are not working and Secretary Health has issued the directive for the maintenance.

Hospital has a well X-ray department with CT-scan but no MRI, and laboratory needs to improve.

8 posts of Medico-Legal Officers are vacant and due to non-availability of this facility, all the related cases go to Jinnah hospital. Maxillofacial OPD has been started with the collaboration of Jinnah Sindh Medical University and attendance of 50 cases with 5 cases diagnosis are oral cancer as stated by Additional Medical superintendent Dr. Farrukh Sher Khan.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University is now ready to start the postgraduate FCPS II training at S.G.Hospital Korangi and that will also more beneficial to the public. The new Block of OPD has been completed and only handing to Administration is required. Same way 32 bedded new causality has been also completed and only needed possession to start.

Dialysis Unit is working with the help of an NGO Noor Foundation. As this Hospital is very charming in public sector but still need the attention of an energetic personality, so the people of the area should get Health at their doorstep. Hospital also needs Physiotherapist and Chief Orthopedic Surgeon that is also vacant.

Sindh Government Hospital Korangi covers the Landhi, Quaid Abad, Ibrahim Hydri and Other surrounding parts of this District.

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