Maharashtra: Renowned social activist and religious leader from India, Swami Agnivesh, has said that no people from Pakistan came to carry out the Pulwama blast.
Agnivesh in a media interview in Maharashtra said, “To blame Pakistan is a different question but the important thing is that the local element was involved in the audacious attack that killed so many troopers.” While criticizing the BJP politics over the blast, he said, “A particular political party is eager to incite trouble and cash votes from people in the upcoming Parliament elections.”
He said that incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi used ‘Surgical Strike’ and soldiers of the country for political benefit. “Whole country is mourning the deaths of troopers and a particular political party is eager to exploit the sentiments of people to gain votes. I condemn the attacks on Kashmiri students and businessmen. Those who are doing it have vested interests and are not the well wishers of the country,” Agnivesh said.
He said it is high time for Pakistan, Afghanistan and India to share table and resolve all the issues.
Agnivesh said some people are propagating hyper-nationalism which is not good for the ethos and brotherhood of the country. “Why to attack a student or a businessman from Kashmir when they have nothing to do with this attack. This is sheer madness and an attempt to polarize the society,” he warned.
He termed the attack on CRPF convoy as ‘intelligence failure’ and said that even Governor Satya Pal Malik admitted it. “No people from Pakistan came and attacked CRPF convoy. It was a local militant Adil Ahmed who did it. We have to understand what prompted this local militant to take such an extreme step,” he said and lamented that a particular political party is using soldiers for electoral gains.

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