AJK PM kicks off spring tree plantation drive

NOERI: (Parliament Times) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan inaugurated spring tree plantation drive by planting a sapling here on Tuesday.

AJK government has attributed the current tree plantation drive to Kashmiri children who have been victimized by Indian forces through the use of pellet guns in the held valley.

AJK Minister for forests Sardar Mir Akbar Khan, minister for industries and women development Norin Arif, Ch. Shahzad Mehmood Advocate, Secretary Dr. Shehla Waqar also planted the saplings on the occasion.

Speaking after the inauguration, Mr. Haider said trees are indispensable for human survival. He persuaded the people of the State to take vigorous part in tree plantation drive and protection of plants to enable government to achieve its targets.

The Premier urged the masses, public and private institutions and organizations, armed forces, NGOs, civil society and students of educational institutions to take active part in tree plantation drive to make it a great success. Green and beautiful Kashmir would further attract tourists to the State, he added. He said trees are also essential to check the soil erosion and environment pollution. He said it would also enable our future generation to have a better atmosphere in AJK. He disclosed that more than 5 million saplings would be planted during the current year.

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