Chaudhry Basharat Advocate elected Gen. Secretary in MIRPUR DBA in Polls – 2019-20

Altaf Hamid Rao

MIRPUR (AJK):(Parliament Times) United Group clinched land-slide victory in the annual elections to office bearers of the District Bar Association Mirpur completed here Saturday night, 

Distinguished seasoned  lawyer Choudhry Tariq Bashir Advocate and Chaudhry Basharat Advocate have been elected President and General Secretary respectively of District Bar Association Mirpur, AJK, in the annual elections held here for stipulated one year constitutional term of year 2019-20, it was officially declared.

           The official results of the annual elections to the DBA office bearers were announced by the DBA Elections Board here late Saturday night.

          Other office bearers elected  unopposed included  Syed Gohar (Vice President) and Ms. Asima Majeed Advocate, Adeel Shehzad Advocate and Tasleem Arif Advocate elected unopposed as members of the Executive Committee of the DBA. Raja Ali Murtaza Advocate of the victorious United Group,was elected as Joint Secretary securing 291 votes against his only rival candidate Farhad Shah of Profession group who bagged 166 votes. 

          The triumphant DBA President Choudhry Tariq Bashir Advocate, of the United Group, secured 307 votes defeating  his only rival candidate Ch. Tariq Mahmood Advocate, the nominee of Professional group, who bagged 150 votes.

           Two panels landed their respective candidates against each other in the elections. The victorious President Abdul Aziz Ch. Advocate bagged 249 votes against his rival candidate Raja Ghulam Bostan Advocate who bagged 154 votes.

        Likewise newly-elected General Secretary  Ch. Basharat Advocate obtained 296 votes  defeating his only rival Qazi Adnan Advocate  who could secure 157 votes.

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