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Mullah Abdul Ghani baradar was released by Pakistan on US request: Zalme Khalilzad

WASHINGTON: US Special representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalme Khalilzad said Pakistan had released Afghan leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on US request to help accelerate pace of Afghan peace talks.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier US State department had said release of Mullah Abdul Ghani baradar who is among founding members of Taliban was completion of long standing demand of Kabul.

According to foreign media report on his return from one month long peace mission of South Asia and Middle East Zalme Khalilzad said he exchanged views with Taliban about the condition related to pull out of US forces from Afghanistan. But no agreement has been executed on this matter.
He had acknowledged while US Peace institution in Washington US and Taliban had reached a frame work agreement in Doha last month but more talks are needed to reach final outcome.

Responding to a question about Pakistan role in easing US-Taliban talks he said Islamabad played a constructive role and it set free Mullah bradar on US request.

Zalme Khalilzad said that he had requested for releasing Mullah bradar because he had acknowledged that senior Taliban leaders could play constructive role at the inception of Afghan peace talks.

Lauding Islamabad role in promotion of peace talks Zalme Khalilzad said Pakistan is an important country and we want better relations with Pakistan.

During his address he reiterated his warning that 40-year old war in Afghanistan met failure for the very reason that they tried to impose their ideologies.

Zalme Khalilzad said that he observed this difference in Doha that he feels this view point will not work adding that all stake holders including Taliban are ready to provide space to each other now.

Pakistan had also said that last month talks between US and Taliban is a major diplomatic triumph between all stake holders.

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