Vacated land to be utilized for welfare projects says Aleem Khan

LAHORE: Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has given directions to submit the details of the evacuated properties during the recent anti encroachment operation throughout the province and asked the Secretary Local Government to put up division wise report in the regard. Senior Minister has further directed the Local Government Department to work in collaboration with Revenue Department and prepare a comprehensive strategy in this regard through which these pieces of land would be utilized for welfare oriented projects in different districts and school, hospitals and other projects will be prepared there. He also asked to take in to confidence the Members of Assemblies in respective district to take their consent in this regard. Senior Minister said that after the spade work a comprehensive plan would be prepared throughout Punjab and sent to Chief Minister for final approval. He said that each property evacuated should be linked with Google land ensured that no one can grab it again. Abdul Aleem Khan said that and every inch of this land will be available for the betterment of common man and he himself would monitor the details. He said that present Government has undertook the historic operation against encroachments and no one was given any kind of favor in this regard and now ultimate end of this operation would also be ensured in the shape of utilizing these lands in great public interest for which he has given the detail directions.

Meanwhile, Punjab Government has decided to hold bilateral dialogue with the international donor agencies in which World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID and other institutions will be included. Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan will meet the high ups of these institutions and brief them about the ongoing and new projects of Punjab Government and they will be taken into confidence in this regard. Talking about this, Abdul Aleem Khan said that present Government has its own priorities and international donor agencies will be informed about the road map and strategies to be evolved in the future. He said that fortunately all the international institutions have great respect and confidence in the personality and leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and they would be offered bilateral confidence from Punjab Government. Senior Minister expressed hope that round table conference may also taken place with these international donor agencies in which they would be taken on board about the vision of Punjab Government. He said that Punjab Government has already chalked out plan for the coming years and break through will take place for concrete and long term development in Punjab.

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