The youngest Pellet victim

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Little Hiba had to pass through the agony of a marathonic eye surgery,

By M Waqas Abdullah,

The doctors and nursing staff of SMHS hospital in Srinagar, could not hold back their tears when, during eye surgery, the 19-month-old toddler Hiba would scream with extreme pain. Indian occupational forces had ruptured her right eye by pellet fire as her mother, along with her, came out her house due to suffocation caused by the tear gas shells inside their house in a village in Shopian district of South Kashmir. The surgery to remove the pellet from Hiba’s eye took around two-and-a-half-hours. Parents hope for her complete recovery but the eye specialists are not optimistic and say she might loose complete vision in her right eye. “The retina and lens in her right eye have been damaged. She may need more surgeries,” the doctor said.
The youngest pellet victim, with a bandaged eye, can’t sleep the whole night and so do her parents. The father feels pain as the children are supposed to adorn the home and bring delight to the parent’s hearts, but this little kid’s sufferings have turned the situation around.
The only sin of this little angel is that she got birth in the area which is under the dark shadow of India’s unending terror and sporadic violence and where the humanity has lost all its worth. Had she a teen, the troops would have portrayed she was pelting stones on them and injured their soldiers, but now their fraudulent propaganda is laid bare in front of the world. Even the international media reported the tragic incident. World’s champions of so-called democratic norms and human rights must hang their heads in shame that India’s cosmetics completely blindsides them. They are unable to see the reality papered-over by its
Bollywood glamour. This is only one example. This is now an unvarnished truth that India’s human rights violations are touching the highest level so much so that many otherwise silent and ineffectual world bodies are forced to raise their concerns on the issue. The use of pellet guns, shamelessly called the “non-lethal” weapon, is the worst example. These guns are not ordinary pellet guns but actually pump action guns normally used by hunters. Since Indian forces may consider themselves as hunters, they may so ‘satisfy’ their consciences while
using them heartlessly. Nowhere in the whole world, however, are these guns being used for crowd control. Countless Kashmiris are being left disabled, many fully and partially blinded. This systematic schema of blinding and maiming the people seems endless. No power on the surface of the earth is ready to dare India and hamper its play of blood and death. Countries have happened so gullible that their leaders sightlessly trust whatever picture Indian media and its diplomatic sources paint for them. Despite all its brutalities, India is still one of the world’s civilized nations and a favourite destination for investment
and economic activity. When will the world get away from these double standards?

(Note: The writer is freelance journalist based in Lahore)

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