Seed industry in Pakistan

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The new emerging, seed industry is developing very fast. More than 376 seed Companies have been registered. Due to liberal attitude in granting permission to do seed business and free services of seed quality control by the government, now 376 seed companies including four public sector seed agencies and five multinationals have commenced their business in the country. Present day seed industry is a combination of public and private seed sector. This is called as formal seed system. Farmers in Pakistan also save their own seed and exchange seed with each other or buy seed from the local traders and market under the informal seed system. With the induction of private seed sector, the availability of quality seed has increased up to 18 percent.
There are total 737 seed companies from which 137 are registered in 2014. From which more than 650 are private national based companies, 13 are multinational companies which are serving all over the world with the seed of all type having the potential of high yield. The multinational companies which are in Pakistan are named as Monsanto, Pioneer, ICI, Syngenta and Four Brothers.
The impact of the multinational seed companies is much resilient in Pakistan because Pakistan is an agricultural based country and there is a huge room for the marketing of seed of all kind due to having the multi-climate range all over the country throughout the year. The most leading company in the global market has the same impact in Pakistan market as well by capturing the 26% share of the whole national market and from other companies Syngenta is at 2nd with the share of 9.2%.
Pakistan based companies which are producing the seeds of open pollinated (OP) as well as Hybrid varieties. The seed of these national based companies having low cost and high output as compare to local seed. The seeds of the national based companies fulfill the 60% need of the country because these seeds are in fewer prices as compare to the seed available of the multinational companies. There is the list of some national based companies working in Pakistan in the competition against the multinational.
• Haji sons
• Sky Vegetable and Flowers Seed Company
• More green
• Agrico Pak
• Ali Baba
• Noble seeds
• Shareef sons seeds international (Regd.)
• Hico seeds
And a much more working in competition and combating with the new advances. Still a lot of work is being in progressed in the vegetable seed industry, with the new advancement and increasing the pressure of population there is a lot of contradiction in food and consumption need so this industry is flourishing day by day with new advancements. Being a good market and having the suitable climate we are much lagged the social need to fulfill the farmer community and we import a lot of cotton, maize as well as the vegetable seed of tomato, potato, cucumber, chilies and onion as well. With the advancement of the new growing techniques such as green house, tunnel farming and drip irrigation the farmers go for the hybrid seed at the placement of the local seed. So, with the increase in demand there is need of the increasing the national seed producing with low cost and high vigor as well as maximum output.

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