Public transport issue raised in Malir District

By Arshad Ali Gabol,

Malir District is a big District of Karachi Division and is a thickly populated, fulfilled with issues and back ward area of Karachi which is without any facility like Health, Education, Employment, Sanitation and others . It will be accurate to say that whole Malir is without infrastructure system and Including all such problems the Public Transportation Problem has become worst in Malir from a long time because of the negligence and carelessness of city and provincial government. Because of shortage of Public Transport the people of Malir are facing tough circumstances day in day out and it is also correct that the ratio of public population has also increased frequently in the area by the settlement of other areas people in the Malir District but it will be lame excuse from the city and provincial governments regarding not solving the problems. This is government failure that’s why problems of mega city’s people are growing fast in all areas of it and increment of complicated and complex situation is being raised, there is no entity of city government and provincial government can be seen in this mega city’s big District Malir. People who go or travel to city side they have to wait for the coach or bus long and suffer a lot ever being busy like bee in getting room in coach or bus but when they unfortunately fail to get victory in taking room in vehicle they get on the vehicle and hang up to reach their destination but always be late to reach their office or colleges or universities because of shortage of Public Transport. Not only men but also women hang up in the buses or coaches cause of not finding place in them.
In this modern and technical world where problems of countries have become less and easy rather than before but progressing and docile countries like pakistan are still suffering the problems. Every thing has become digital in the world but Pakistanis are implicated in the Traffic issues.The Traffic Police role is also very poor in whole Metropolitan City including Malir and many incidents occur there but traffic police is just interested in taking bribe than finding the problems of public by public transport in order to solve them.
There is also a worst issues of charging over fare which conductors take telling the excuses of petrol growing but when petrol cost runs down then they don’t not lessen the fare of their buses or coaches and also misbehave with not only male passengers but also women passengers by taking advantage of their compulsions to reach at their places. Many time brawls and quarrels happened amongst conductors and passengers against maltreatment and the rough language of conductors, so it is also a question marked that who will solve these problems and who will fulfill the issues of shortage of Public Transport.
Little bird has told that there are more than 500 buses standing from a long period in city government office side and have become rusted standing there but city government is not issuing them for as per need of District Malir peoples. There should be a mechanism to solve the issues of Public Transport in district Malir so that people of Malir feel easiness in traveling their office , Markets and Colleges or Universities comfortably. Provincial and city government should call a sitting on this burning issue and make a good planing to solve all public issues including Public Transport anyhow. Provincial and city government should perform their duties and make a easiness in the life of people for what they are made up……..

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