Sufis’ teachings disseminate the dream of international peace to be materialized, Pir Ali Raza Bukhari


CHICAGO:  With the widespread dissemination of teachings of Sufis the dream of international peace could be materialized.

AJK, MLA Pir Ali Raza Bukhari made these observations while addressing on the Urs of Basahan Sharif, Pir Abu El Hassan Syed Muhammad Saeed Bukhari here on the other day. It was organized by followers of Basahan Sharif. Killing of humanity and terrorism is strictly against the teachings of Islam, he added. He said Sifia-e-Karam who were real ambassador of Islam always emphasized on non-violence. They also urged followers to shun evils like bigotry, chaos, conspiracies, backbiting and stressed on teachings of peace, brotherhood, unity, love, and morality, he remarked.

Bukhari termed Pakistan as the second capital of Islam after Makkah and Madina. He said Pakistan was created on the name of Islam and is in fact fort of the religion. He said we have come to let people know of the real essence of mysticism and would continue to do so for the entire universe. Mysticism or Islam has nothing to do with singing or dancing, he clarified.

He assured armed forces of the country that Sufis, Ulema and Mushaikh would spare no sacrifice for integrity, stability and defense of the country and would not let the enemy‚Äôs nefarious designs succeed.  He said it were Sufis and Ulema who let the world see the real face of Islam and spread its spiritual teachings to every nook and corner of this planet. He said people were returning to spiritualism after experiencing hatred and brutalities. Spiritualism is the last refuge for humanity, he believed.


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