PM is ready for the accountability: Chaudhry Sarwar

Lahore: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is ready for the accountability adding that across the board accountability should be held of everyone.
While talking to media men on Tuesday in Lahore, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar said that there is no problem if Chairman NAB appears before the parliament because institutions are answerable to the parliament.
He said fluctuations in the price of dollar are the result of huge loans taken by the previous governments.
He said media should some time is required to overcome crisis therefore, media should stand with us.
He said currently country is passing through complicated challenges. We are reviewing production cost of pharmaceutical companies.
He said due to wrong economic policies since the last 70 years, a lot of problems have surfaced in the last 3 months of government and now 70 year old problems could not be solved in a day.
He said we have two ways to cope with this, one is we drag the country towards destruction in order to make country’ s condition better temporarily or we take difficult decisions after facing real challenges and later leave the government in good condition .
He said this huge foreign debt on country was before the PTI government came into power and now on today we cannot even pay their interest.
We need some time to overcome these crises, he added.
He said Media should stand with us because PTI workers are very sensitive and they will not co-operate with us upon our wrong doings.
He said PTI workers elected us on the basis of principles, not on friendship.
Replying to a query he said Chairman NAB was elected by PML-N and PPP and not by the PTI and there is no issue if he appears before the parliament.

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