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Say no to Corruption

By Arshad Ali Gabol,

The word corruption means the lack of integrity or dishonesty with duty or responsibility . It is social disease which has demolished the society and it has not been cleared that the government fight is against corruption or system of corruption or corrupt people. If government of Pakistan is having war against corruption then it’s efforts will end in smoke because corruption is, till its system is; so the dream to corruption can not come true before ending system of it and if government’s collision is with corrupt people then all Pakistani can be affected and be sentenced of prison because no man can be safe from the influence of corrupt system so government should set the goal first that what it is to do.
The practice of corruption is as old as the Pakistan but people have become mature enough about corruption now and no doubt corruption is a bigger issue of Pakistani Society where corruption is practised systematically which means there is a system or environment of corruption so war should be collective not individual because system dominates all over the country so there should be system to overcome the corrupt system and this is only a way to get rid of people from this social illness.
Instead of collective efforts the practice of individual efforts is used for the removal of corruption which has not been victorious yet.
At present every political party is raising slogans against corruption and assuring the public that only they can end the corruption from Pakistani society but in them many corrupt people are nominated by National Accountability Bureau so it does not be clear that which party actually is fighting against corruption. Here every party fights against other parties corrupt people who are it’s rivals but doesn’t fight against corrupt system and people who are are part of it, so it is cleared that how every party is sincere to eradicate corruption from society in order to get Pakistan healthy from this social ailment.
Every government has worked to finish corruption and corrupt people and has become successful in ending people into some extent but not corruption. Sindh government has also raised a slogan against corruption that says “Say No to Corruption” which has created confusion in people’s minds whether they should understand that donot say anything to corruption and let it be in society or they should understand it that do not have corruption in society, but the performance of Sindh Government has proved its meaning that let the corruption be flourished in society because it flourishes them and it is the fastest way of being well-to-do.
The dream to eliminate corruption from society will really come true when corrupt system will be finished other wise all talks regarding end of corruption will be ridiculous and false talks just.

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