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Land Mafia becomes active in Pipri Bin Qasim, seizing hundreds acres of land

Arshad Ali Gabol,
KARACHI (Pipri Bin Qasim) : Land Mafia has become active in Pipri Bin Qasim and Pipri is a centre of them, they have seized hundreds acres of land compromising with police and local and political personalities. On the pressure of stern reaction from people, police has become constrained and lodged a case against Occupiers named Habib Rajpar, Kashif Shah, Agha Manzoor, Asghar Abbasi and others on the complaint of Syed Mehboob son of Imran Shah the Manager of Abbas residential area’s owner Ijaz Memon. Complainer has described in complaint that Abbas residential area is legalized as per law and it has boundary wall and a main entrance gate, where lots of houses are built and a office of them but all of that, occupiers have broken into residency and began confiscating houses and open plots forcibly. They give threats of murder and even owner of residency is not allowed to go inside. On the other side according to the police ,they started raiding place to place for the arrest of listed occupiers but eye witnessed have seen police having cup of tea and doing nothing. On the invitation of occupiers at local area’s hotel, the people say that this type of police act will encourage occupiers and police is not serious to end the confiscation from Pipri area.

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