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Cease the injustice with people of Malir


It is said that state plays role of Mother which feels public it’s children, nurtures them and provides them food, clothes, water, health, accommodation, education and other things of need and every time be busy to complete fundamental rights of them and perceive them from hot and cold weather’s and the losses of changed season. It secures the public as the gardener, who takes care of his garden and provides to the plants their needs and save them from their enemies and bears hurdles, troubles and hardships himself. District Malir is administrative district of Karachi Devision in Sindh, it is divided into three Town including them Malir Town, Gadop Town and Bin Qasim Town, it has approximately 2 million population.
District Malir was abolished in 2000 and was restored on 11 July 2011. It has been neglected for the development and progressive schemes thoroughly by Federal and Provincial government. No scheme is provided and not any progressive work is held yet. Even previous schemes and old progressive works and development programs are still pending. Sindh province is ruled by PPP government and it is dominant from a long period also Malir selective representatives belong to Pakistan Peoples Party.
Chief Minister Sindh announced more than 600 million rupees for the development and progressive schemes for the years through out the Sindhi Province in which none was for Malir district. 9 August 2017 Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah announced 600 million rupees for Road Networking, Water and Bridges and planed to prefer District Malir. But sorry to say that provincial government’s previous developing schemes are still pending like 15 fly over bridges are still in process from a long time and no idea when they be completed.
PPP government has brought a Sindh in period of drouth completely and become failure in the practice of provincial administrative affairs and matters. People’s desires and hopes aroused when District Malir was restored again on 2011 and felt that a great change is to come in their lightless lives. They fell in misconception that unemployment will remain no more and corruption, forgery, plunder, exploitation and Mal collocation will remove and all the deportments of District Malir will work accurately and the poor community will be favoured ever. This conception created in the mind of public because public of Malir was being ignored from a big time and abruptly it’s district position changed but pity on it that PPP appointed every Deputy Commissioner snatched rights of peoples and sold thousands acres precious lands of District Malir by fraud, forgery and manipulation and used illegal and cheap method of selling then people of Malir became compelled to leave their valuable lands in them Behria Town, Fazaia Town, Soomar Jokhio Village, Kareem builders lands cases and other cases are discussed among all and sundry. Local communities pay 50 thousands to 4 lakhs forcibly on changing died person’s land documents , many land’s documents have been changed and fake documents have been made also Domiciles and PRC are made after taking bribery and on those certificates people who do not belong to Sindh become eligible to apply for CSS Examination and are appointed on Sindh Kota and spend whole life to take away the rights of Sindh. Other departments of Sindh have same situation of Mal-collocation and maladministration where jobs are also sold like Police, Education, Health, Revenue, Local department and other departments too. 175 vacancies have been at Deputy Commissioner office filled without any advertisement, Test and Interview. Corruption and maladministration in revenue department is on peak which can easily be estimated. Approximately 4 Deputy Commissioner have been appointed from 2013 till today, from them 2 are in custody of NAB named Shaokat Jokhio and Qazi Jan Muhammad because of Manipulation, Forgery and Corruption and inquiry is going on and other 2 Commissioners are also under investigation. NAB has busted 18 revenue department officials in short period of time including them Mukhtiarkars, AC, Tapedars and Clerks, also investigation is under process about 48 other officials and if It is Allah’s will all the corrupt officers will face the bad consequences. All 4 Deputy Commissioner’s Office superintendent was Rana Shakeel and he had been Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim who has big practice in issuance of Forgery, falsehood regarding jobs and domiciles but still no inquiry against him if he is also inquired then his secret act of facilitation will be disclosed and on this way corruption, manipulation, fraud and social diseases will end themselves. Instead of all There is no role of MNA, MPA of PPP in ceasing forgery, corruption, appointments of corrupt officers but they have been hand in hand with them and have compromised them and there is no good role of them can be seen a head for public because they have fraudulented ever and slipped over public issues and have false promised. At present there are lots of problem in Distinct Malir which have taken a right of living from public but selective representatives and Provincial government is no able to solve the them because they have forgotten value of humanity being in greed of wealth.
Public has to be mature now because people are implicated always in same net so on this way slackers and cheaters become ruler of country and they take decisions of public’s fortune according to their power and mistreatment. If chance is given then have correct use of votes so that passing present and upcoming future be easy and better.

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