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Pak Army completes first phase of setting up fence on Torkham border

Torkham: Pakistan Army has installed fence wire at Torkham border and prevented the entry of terrorists and smugglers into the land of Pakistan.
For the first time it has been decided to monitor the Pak Afghan border through drones. This was told by senior security officials to the journalists during their visit to Torkham border.
The officials said that the installation of fence at Pak Afghan border was started on 27th April 2017 from Big Ben Check Post, which is still going on as the total length of fence would be 1403 kilometer . In the first phase Torkham border has been made safe by installing 539 KM long fence on it.
They said that the purpose of putting in wire on the border is to prevent all ways of illegal transit to Pakistan. In the second phase 379 kilometer and in the third leg 485 KM long fence would be established. The process would be completed within two years.
The commander of Pak Army at Torkham border informed the media that the setting up the fence is being carried out under the supervision of Khyber Riffles ,whose 147 personnel scarified their lives for the protection of motherland.
He said that some 700 border check posts and forts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are being fortified and all the posts would be linked with one another , whereas modern equipments and gadgets are being utilized for day and night monitoring of the border.
“At least 12000 people and 1000 trucks cross the border daily. During the calendar year 2018 as many as 1900 Afghan nationals and 600 Pakistanis were apprehended while crossing the border through illegal means. Now nobody can move across the border without passport and valid visa. Several people try to cross the border on fake documents but on checking we catch them”, he added in response to a query.
He said that the Afghan side do not want the installation of fence wire , and often they try to harm it , but every time Pak Army retaliate in befitting manner. In this connection the cooperation of Afghan side is very important , which is not on hand.
He said that Afghan side has deputed local people on the posts on their side as they have not regular army on borders.

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