Power Packed Biscuits Providing Nutrition To Children


Islamabad(Daily P.Times) Continental biscuits (LU), one of Pakistan’s leading biscuit brands has always remained committed to address every mother’s concern in today’s challenging environment, that is, to energize the young minds with its Tiger and MilcoLU biscuits. For a mother, it is of utmost importance that she provides her children with a balanced and nutritious diet which aids to their mental & physical development.

The recently revamped and relaunched power packed biscuit, MilcoLU, provides energy equivalent to one glass of milk. This vital energy is essential for growth and development in children, which can help them to perform best in their schools and beyond. Another top brand, Tiger biscuits is enriched with the strength of Iron which helps in transporting oxygen to the body and Zinc which helps in boosting the immune system and cognitive development in children. These nutrients are important for the overall well-being of a growing child. Iron and Zinc deficiencies are known to be a major cause of stunted brain and physical development among children in Pakistan. Biscuits have always remained a popular choice among children as a go to snack; hence, they prove to be excellent mediums to deliver these vital nutrients to them.

“Our goal is to introduce healthy and unique products that guarantee a wonderful food experience for every consumer. With the launch of our power packed biscuits, we have taken the brand to an all new level by including a center element for a mother to develop her child’s health and nutrition.” said, Sami Wahid, GM Marketing, Continental biscuits (LU), Karachi.

With the launch of nutritional biscuits, LU has elevated the nutritional value of a daily staple in the Pakistani household. The brand guarantees health and strength that’s affordable by all and its mission is to help empower every child in its own way.


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