NAB’s performance under the Chairmanship of Justice Javed Iqbal


Chairman National Accountability Bureau Honorable Justice Javed Iqbal assumed his responsibilities as chairman NAB on October 11, 2017 as a consensus choice of leader of the opposition and government of that time. Justice Javed was known as an upright person, who work honestly to his best abilities. Justice Javed strongly believes on working with dedication as hard work could enhance the reputation of anti-graft watchdog, if everyone perform his duties as per law of the land. Such dedication also increases the reputation of persons affiliated with the organization. The policy of Justice Javed during his tenure as judge of the Supreme Court was ‘Justice for All’. On becoming chairman NAB, his motto was ‘Accountability for All’. NAB was pursuing the policy of zero tolerance and self accountability. NAB officers have no link with any political party but they were employees of the state.NAB is working as per law. All inquiries, investigations are being conducted as per law. The strategy of Justice Javed for eradicating corruption has already been acknowledged as most effective. Nab has become a vibrant institution due to such measures as the whole nation has pinned hopes on NAB for eradication of corruption from the country. Justice Javed appreciates hardworking officials and also believes dealing strictly with the officers, on showing lackadaisical approach. The jurisdiction of NAB has already been extended across the country. Eradication of corruption has become voice of the whole nation. The head office of NAB is situated in Islamabad while eight regional offices are situated at Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi. Sukkar, Multan and Gilgit-Baltistan. All offices are working against corrupt elements. NAB has fixed 10 months period to conclude the complaints, inquiries and investigations. Chairman NAB takes notice of complaints but also ordered inquiries on various complaints in last one year including
investigations against 56 Public Limited Companies in Punjab, Panama, 435 Offshore companies in British Virgin Islands, corruption in the construction and expansion of Kicchi Kanal, recovery of looted money of public from private Housing Societies. Arrest of proclaimed offenders and placing details of illegal housing societies on
websites of RDA, CDA. Ordering placing advertisement in newspapers for enhancing awareness against corruption. Furthermore, Chairman also listens public complaints in his office on every last Thursday of every month. So far 2500 complainants have met
chairman NAB in ‘Khuli Ketcheries’, besides DGs of regional offices of NAB also listen the complaints of people at their respective officers. Chairman has also convened 20 meetings of Executive Board Meeting of NAB, endorsing various complaint verification, inquiries and investigation. NAB has 70 percent conviction ration at Accountability Court level. NAB is using all resources to eliminate corruption from the country. Effective results of NAB performance has started pouring in. NAB has also devised anti corruption policy to investigation frauds, cheating of monetary companies, housing and cooperative companies, bank fraud of defaulters, devouring of funds allocated for government servants, private persons and abuse of authority. Due to effective mechanism and timely actions, the ratio of complaints registered by NAB has doubled as complaint to 2017. NAB was role model for SAARC countries. Pakistan has been elected first chairman of SAARC Anti corruption Forum. NAB has inked MoU with China for corruption eradication. Over 50,000 character building bodies have been
constituted in country’s various schools, colleges and universities. NAB has also established Prevention committees at federal and provincial level for promoting transparency and upholding merit. Prevention Committees also exists in CDA, Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, FBR, PID. While same committees also
exist at provincial education, health, revenue , housing and cooperative departments. NAB was working as per law. NAB does not believe discrimination. NAB believes eagling with every one without caring about face but considers only case on merit. NAB strictly adheres policy of zero tolerance and self accountability under the leadership of Justice Javed. Chairman NAB is committed to make the country corruption free and his sincere efforts for eradication of corruption are laudable.


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