UoS ranks as 712th world’s most sustainable university


SARGODHA: (PR) The University of Sargodha has been ranked as the 712th world’s most sustainable university in the UI
Green Metric World Universities Ranking 2018-19 for better infrastructure and on-campus facilities.
In the national sustainable campuses ranking, the university stands at 30th position while in sub-indicator
transportation, it has been ranked as 419th among the world universities.
The Green Metric Ranking System was launched by the University of Indonesia (UI) in 2010. The system
introduced six indicators to rank universities globally, including setting and infrastructure, energy and climate
change, waste management, water, transportation and education.
The University of Sargodha joined the ranking system in 2018 to promote sustainability in higher education
institutions globally, Director Quality Enhancement Cell, Dr Muhammad Sarwar said.
“Worldwide ranking of the university will increase further in upcoming years as it has already been working on
enhancing the sustainability with the aim to promote green campus policy. Smoke free, transport free and lush
green campus strategies have already been adopted.”
The university has also launched tree plantation campaign in August 2018 and planted 4,000 saplings of specific
trees in the saline and water logged soil at Sargodha Medical College, he said, adding that the plan is to plant
100,000 trees in the course of one year at the medical and engineering college.


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