Electricity tariff scales down to paisas 31 per unit


ISLAMABAD: NEPRA has accorded approval to scale down power tariff by 31 paisas per unit.
The petition with reference to reduction in power tariff came up for hearing before NEPRA Thursday.
Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) while requesting for reduction in power tariff said electricity production cost remained Rs 4.71 per unit in November and the consumers were supplied electricity at the rate of Rs 5 per units. 20.04 percent electricity from local gas has been generated and 17.23 percent electricity has been generated from imported LNG.
NEPRA while accepting the petition approved reduction in electricity tariff by 31 paisas per unit. This way the consumers will get relief to the tune of Rs 2 billion. The reduction in power tariff was made under fuel adjustment surcharge for the month of November.


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