Character and status of teacher are ruined in a Pakistani society


Arshad Ali Gabol,

Teaching Profession is a profession of prophesy. Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him was also a teacher and all prophets came to teach human being. Teachers are respected and honoured throughout the world and standardized greatly because teaching profession is the foundation and mother of all other professions.Teacher personality has a gorgeous status in society which forms the formalized and traditional society and is responsible for social ethics and manners and the crown of education and literary is on it’s head. A personality which has significance in human life after parents and it makes the value of humanity, it decorates the humanity with sense and ethics, it fulfills the wealth of education and literary and is responsible for the better future of human being. In Europe a case can not be enlisted and a prosecution can not be registered against teacher because of his honour and teacher’s respect is valued, a judge of court stands from his chair in the reverence of teacher and provides him a chair to sit on and behaves politely with him. In Iran and Turkey students feel insult footing on their teachers shadows but in third world docile countries like Pakistan the status of teacher sounds pale and lightless and is not highlighted like in progressive countries. Teacher performs his good role for the betterment of country’s society and builds educational society but in Pakistan teacher’s value is not more than a common man and is dishonoured place to place, teacher’s character is assassinated everywhere, in Pakistan the victim community is also a teacher because he is a peace liking and statue of literary and ethnics and formalization is on the shoulder of teacher whose vulnerabilities are benefited by powerful and influential people. How estimation of humanity will be in the society where there is no reverence of teacher. Many incidents have happened with teachers, one of them happened in Bhittaiabad bad Karachi with victimized teacher Nazeer Ahmed Solangi son of Mumtaz Ali Solangi. He is living from thirty years in Karachi and his name is on the top of list in the founding of Bhittaiabad and is the first teacher of area Bhittaiabad, as a senior teacher he was teaching at Jummah Goth Boys Primary School which was established in 1998. Many students have got education from him and he enlightened the backward area and made richest in education and gave them formalization and ethical sense and spent his own life in teaching, advising others about goodness in whole life. His students take great recognition in society. Abdul Malik, Dr Khan Muhammad, Qaim Bukhsh Solangi, Ghulam Ali Solangi told that one character of society has brutalized teacher Nazeer Ahmed Solangi and got him arrested with his family members in different fake cases regarding plot which he purchased in 2007 from Muhammad Akbar Dars son of Zahoor ul Hassan a property dealer living at Kashmir colony Korangi. Teacher Nazeer Solangi purchased 120 yard plot 77 in 1650000 by different cheques in main bazaar Bhittaiabad in the presence of witnesses named Anwar Ali Mahar, Lal Muhammad Baloch. In 2018 Akbar Dars with the support of Javed Akhtar Odo and SHO Sachal Police Station farukh Shehryar police to occupied the plot which he had sold before. Police raided at teacher Nazeer Solangi and his relative’s houses and arrested ladies, children and men and registered them in three fake cases. Three children who are students of 6,8 and 9 standard and their ages are less than 14 years and police degraded the ladies and intimidated the children. At present teacher Nazeer Solangi is in police custody with 17 others but no one is there to help them and in this all situation the human rights organizations are still silent. Was teacher Nazeer Solangi having a perilous weapon in the shape of pen by which he used to teach students? A person who always taught student the lesson of respect, esteem and patience became criminal in the eye of police. Those who are the pillar of nation were proceeded before court as a culprits, regret is also on this that human rights organizations are just spectators and do not resist on the worst work of police, even question is also raised on educational, sensible and literate men that they could not concern themselves with injustice and did not cry against. Another accident happened at Lahore where seniors in charge of sargodha University campus Lahore teacher mian Javed was arrested, violated and punished by National Accountability Bureau and he died under the NAB custody, his handcuffed dead body is also a question mark itself that the respect and reverence of teachers have ended in society of Pakistan. Has the time of conscience awareness not come yet? Why human is spritless that he can not see the violence and maltreatment of police with women and children and do not try to be a support for them and do not rub their tears? Why the losted value of teacher can not be on right place? Government should take steps for the accurate status of this prophecy and pious profession of teaching and should be stopped the unfair with them and those who maltreat with teacher should face hard way and be sentenced so that there should not be an other victim Nazeer Ahmed Solangi and Mian Javed those who were violated worstly. Let’s join hands together to raise the status of teacher up in our society and carryout their esteem and reverence.


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