All AJK leaders to hold Intra Jammu Kashmir Conference in Feb 2019


Altaf Hamid Rao,

MIRPUR (AJK): Jammu & Kashmir-based forum of leaders and intellectuals – ‘The Coordination Committee of All J&K Leaders and Intellectuals’ has moved to hold an intra-Jammu Kashmir moot titled “Heart-to-Heart Talks / Conference” in New Delhi in the first week of February next year (2019) in order to have a free and frank discussion among the political and social leadership of Jammu & Kashmir from both sides of the Line of Control, organizers said.
Quoting an invitation landing from Prof. Bheam Singh, head of Jammu Kashmir Panthers Party, the chief host and convener of ‘The Coordination Committee of All J&K Leaders and Intellectuals’, the Coordinator of AJK/GB Chapter of the Forum Munir Hussain Chaudhry Advocate told media here on Thursday that besides the representatives of all the major recognized Jammu & Kashmir political parties, prominent social activists from all parts of both sides of the Line Of Control in Jammu & Kashmir State including IOK and AJK / GB have been invited in the scheduled ‘Heart-to-Heart Intra Jammu Kashmir Talks / Conference’.
He stated that it was felt necessary to hold 3rd ‘Heart to Heart Talks / Conference’ in the larger interest of the regional peace and to revive cordial relations between India and Pakistan particularly in perpetuation of Pakistan’s recent great gesture of opening of Kartarpur border for pilgrimage of the Indian Sikh community’s historic religious site of the Gurdwara of Baba Gurroo Naanik in Narowal district of Pakistan.
Munir Ch. continued that Coordination Committee of All J&K Leaders & Intellectual had, earlier, organized two such ‘Heart to Heart Talks / Conference in New Delhi in 2005 and 2007 in New Delhi during then Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh-led regime.
Quoting the Chief host of the scheduled moot, the AJK-Chapter’s Coordinator further said that the purpose to hold such Heart to Heart Conferences is to have a free and frank discussion among the political and social leadership of J&K with the representatives of the political and social representatives of AJK as well as that of Gilgit / Baltistan. “During first two such conferences held in 2005 and 2007 in New Delhi, representatives of AJK and GB had participated. “The above Heart to heart Conferences / Talks were presided over by then former AJK Prime Ministers and Presidents Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan, Raja Zulqarnain Khan and Raja Farooq Haider Khan (incumbent AJK Prime Minister). “Both of the conferences were also attended by leadership of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions of the occupied State including the leadership of All Parties Hurriyat Conference’, he underlined. “ A resolution for peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue was also carried unanimously by the participants”, Munir recalled as saying.
The AJK Coordinator further said with reference to the invitation letter from the chief organizer / host of the scheduled conference that the participants AJK and GB were also hosted reception meetings by then leader of the opposition in Indian Parliament Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani among others. Then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Dr. Karan Singh, the son of Maharaja Hari Singh, last dogra ruler of the erstwhile Jammu Kashmir state, had also hosted grand receptions in honor of the visiting AJK and GB delegates of both of the above Heart to Heart Talks / Conference.
Munir Hussain Ch. Advocate underlined that this kind of Heart to Heart Talks / intra-jammu Kashmir Conference could not be held after 2007.
He said that the chief host of the proposed congregation Prof. Bhim Singh has, meanwhile, moved to the Indian government seeking due permission for holding of the conference in New Delhi according to the proposed schedule in first week of February 2019, keeping in view the exceptional significance of the scheduled event.


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