Prices of daily use items on raise in Twin-cities


Islamabad: The shopkeepers of Twin-cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad have deliberately increased the prices of daily edibles especially fruit and vegetables as compared to the rates in the previous week. It was revealed during the survey the shoppers have deliberately increased the prices of daily edibles on the occasion of Christmas and birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The Christian community and other people of both the cities have expressed concern over this situation and urged upon the concerned authority to monitor this situation.
The prices of most of vegetables and fruits including potato, onion, ginger, cauliflower, black pepper, lemon and cabbage and other vegetables have registered an increase. Similarly, the prices of apple, grapes, banana, guava and other fruit also rose. Along with this the prices of Daily use items inclining flour, pluses, corking oil, packet milk and tea, rice were also on raise.The shoppers complained, “It was a routine that before the start of any festival the shopkeepers increase the prices of fruit and vegetables which is unwarranted and against the spirit of Islam.
Asad Mehmood a resident of Islamabad said that the price hike had made it impossible for the common man to run his kitchen. However, shopkeepers were of the view that they had nothing to do with price hike and contended the prices had increased in the wholesale market. According to market rates, the basic life item flour price has been increased from Rs 650 per 20kg to Rs. 790 per 20 kg, open milk Rs 90 to Rs. 120 per kg. The prices of all kind of pluses have increased to 10 to 30 rupees without any fear and justification. Chicken is being sold at around Rs 240 to Rs 260 a kilogram. Yogurt is being sold at Rs 100 to Rs 120 per kg while a liter of milk costs Rs 80 to Rs 90 per liter.
The prices of all kind of fruits and vegetables have also increased. Banana is being selling of Rs 120 per dozen, small appeal Rs. 130 per kg. The area residents have urged upon the high-ups into the matter and solve it on permanent basis.


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