Change the system or Reject


SAJID ALI, Regarding, Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) Screening test majority of the intellectual candidates have failed. I have seen many students in passing Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) 2019. Just in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) even though, they have no knowledge of official way of paragraph writing but they are in passing list but how they will pass written papers? Out of 20,000 students estimated 1000 candidates are passed. In fact, even many students have passed I have asked them are you satisfied to pass screening test the reply is by chance/luckily passed. On other hand, I have seen those candidates who have even passed their Essays and some other subjects too in Central Superior Services (CSS) but they have failed screening test. So have they no knowledgeable? But now many candidates say that 40% should be passing marks but again it is not way of solution to measure the intellectual power of any through rote memorized questions. MCQs are checked with Scantron machine so checkers are saving own time and energy from checking papers but on other-hand they are wasting students present and future. However, if they want to check the talent of candidates in my opinion, there should be two parts in test 50% MCQs (Objective) from them 20% should be passing marks and second part should be Subjective 50% in which there should be given 10 open topics on social based issues from them attempt any one short essay in 250 words and 30% should be passing on it. Screening test system is only in Sindh where 50% is passing and KPK there 20% is passing marks. But not in other provinces so have they no way to check the intellectuality of students?
Further, SPSC system holders, are they intellectual themselves who are repeatedly having mistakes even Objective Question papers even they publish paper to see? Then, they solve their issue to give grace marks. Why in big exam is immature system of failing to intellectual students
before reaching on their real target without checking their real knowledge and ideas in written form? Actually, it is not way to check talent of candidates through MCQs. However, if they really need the able persons change the system or reject screening system like other provinces.
And take direct exam to find real intelligent and hardworking students it will be good for your
institutions and students of merit who really burn the candle from both side. However, everything is worth doing and can be and should be.
(Author is MPhil Scholar at PIDE, Islamabad and he may be contacted at: [email protected])


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