Nawaz Sharif will be convicted at every cost: Javed Hashmi predicts


MULTAN: PML-N senior leader Javed Hashmi has predicted Quaid PML-N Nawaz Sharif will be convicted and sentenced by Accountability Court (AC) at every cost in Flagship and Al-Azizia case because institutions will not allow these cases to be proved wrong.
Talking to media men here Sunday he said NAB motive is to get change loyalties of politicians. If Nawaz Sharif is convicted then I will not accept this decision, he added.
Regarding South Punjab province he said this project has entered in final phase and work on this project can stop due to PTI led government U-turn. However it will not be easy for government to take U-turn on this matter.
He held almost all the parties in the parliament have supported this demand.
He underlined that Shahbaz Sharif after becoming the chairman of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will be able to issue his production order on his own in connection with national assembly session.
He said Imran Khan supports presidential system instead of parliamentary system. He is not capable to give replies to questions in assembly.
He maintained media is facing censorship and media workers are being retrenched from their jobs. Media workers are either being deprived of their jobs or their salary is being deducted, he added.


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