My NAB inquiry will soon stand abolished: Zulfi Bokhari


LONDON: Special Assistant to Prime Minister (PM) on Overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bokhari said that there is need to strengthen all institutions and NAB against him will soon stand abolished.
He said this while talking to media men here. He held there is no tax on mobile phone for personal use.
He underlined that complaints of Overseas Pakistanis regarding mobile phone are correct. Notice has been taken on long queues at airport in connection with registration of mobile phone. There is no tax on the mobile phone meant for personal use. We are simplifying the process for registration of mobile phone.
He remarked the problems facing Overseas Pakistanis are on the top of Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan agenda. Legislation will be enacted to address the problems facing the dual nationality holders. PM will take along Overseas Pakistanis.
He said there is need to change NAB laws.
Replying to a question he said the death of a professor in handcuff is deplorable. This incident should be investigated.


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