Education is important and necessary for progress of the country, Sadiq Hayat Tarabi


Khori Channa: (Parliament Times) The Boys Middle School Khori Channa has announced its annual results. A big ceremony was held there. Principal Boys Degree College Abbaspur Mr. Raja Naseer Khan was the chief guest and Raja Shafqat Zia presided over the ceremony. A student, Waqar Ahmed, recited some verses from the holy Quran at the start of the program who was succeeded by another student with translation of the holy verses and Hamed as well. The chief guest was welcomed warmly by the children. The little angel Zobia addressed in local language (Pahari) and received praise by the audiences.
The chief guest said that we cannot make progress without education and education is compulsory for every Muslim ( man and woman). He said the children of Khori Chana are very talented,. They needed proper education and training to make progress.
After that Chairman Shabab-e-Kashmir Trust Qari Muhammad addressed the audience and said that the world is passing through an education war. The nations who invested their energies in education made tremendous progress in every walk of life and ruled those who are uneducated and illiterate. Mr. Tarabi said that we are kept uneducated deliberately to rule us easily by the elite class. He emphasized the people to support government schools. Mr.Tarabi praised Headmaster Raja Shafqat Zia, Mr. Mansha, Mr. Abrar, Mr.Zaheer, Mr. Ch Atique in general and Ms. Saima Chughtai in particular for their services to the community. He said that government teachers should enroll their children in government schools to improve the quality of education in government sector. Abdul Samad scored 668 out of 800 and got first position in middles classes, while Amara Asif scored 197 out of 200 and got first position in primary classes. The ex-president education committee, Mr. Sadiq Hayat Tarabi praised all the participants.


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