State has privatized fundamental rights: Mian Raza Rabbani


Islamabad : Opposition members in Senate termed the President address to joint session of parliament disappointing and underscored the need for taking practical steps to ensure rule of law and constitution and supremacy of parliament in the country.
Opening the debate with reference to Presidential address, senator Raza Rabbani said office of president is constitutional and 8 institutions are constitutional under the constitution. But we are not seeing any harmony therein.
Foreign minister said there are such things which can not be described. What is that thing which is being hidden from the house, he added. If there is such thing then in-camera session should be summoned and house be taken into confidence. Parliamentary National Security Committee should be restored forthwith. And if there is any such thing it should be brought in the committee.
We are heading towards what direction, he inquired. State has privatized fundamental rights.
He said protecting life and property of the people is obligation of the government but it unfortunate that people are forced to hire private guards for protection of their lives and property.
He said there is one law in place in the country but it is applied in different modes. There is separate law for elite class. The state could not succeed in bringing Pervez Musharraf in the dock. Likewise he did not appear in the court even on a single day in Akbar Bugti murder case. The law is applied to common man in another way, he added.
If we have to save the state then we will have to stop playing game with each other, he stressed. The history bears witness when efforts were made to run the political parties through remote control or it was tried to break parties forcibly and create forward blocks then all such experiments met failure. If some one is corrupt then he should be punished and it is possible only when across the board accountability will be conducted. A targeted accountability is not acceptable. This accountability should not be meant only for political persons. The judiciary, executive and army all should be held accountable.
He said federal accountability commission should be framed. Commission should restrict the powers of NAB chairman. There should be representative each from all units in the commission. The representative should see what evidences have been given are either correct or otherwise There should be a specific bench in high court for accountability. If these steps are taken then accountability will be acceptable for us. Today accountability is not acceptable to us.
He said Supreme Court had also said to end plea bargain and see the powers of chairman again. But we did not do so.
He demanded ban on students associations should be lifted in the country. Trade unions should be allowed to do their job freely.
He said state is playing a dangerous game at present. If any harm is caused to state then no one among us will remain safe.
Senator Usman Kakar said president had delivered address as spokesperson of PTI rather than president of Pakistan. It has come to light after election that selection rather than election has been made and as a result of this selection president was elected. All the political parties have rejected the result of election.
He said president said nothing about missing persons. Thousands of people have gone missing from all over the country. More than 450 people went missing during the present government time.


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