Presence of PM’s advisor , JIT members at same time in FIA’s HQ is not meaningless: PPP


Islamabad : The leaders of Pakistan People’s Party have said that the Supreme Court should take action of the presence of Special Advisor to Prime Minister in the FIA headquarters at same time when the members of JIT were there.
The Central Secretary Information of PPP Nafeesa Shah and Information Secretary of PPP Parliamentarian Maula Buksh Chandiao, Deputy Secretary Information Palwasha Khan and Nazir Dhoki said in a joint press conference that the Prime Minister must have been sent his Special Advisor Shahzad Akbar to FIA’s office when the members of JIT were present there . PM should give his clarification about this because it is a very serious matter.
“Incumbent government should align its course towards right direction. The arrest of Asif Zardari is not the big issue as its leadership has seen jails and courts many times in the history. We have seen the dictatorships of Zia-ul-Haq and Pervez Musharraf but the government would know the real power of PPP after the central executive committee’s meeting on 26th December. The followers of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed are living in Punjab.”, they added.
They said that Chairman NAB should prove his impartiality . PPP is ready to face the accountability but it should be a political victimization in the name of accountability.
They said that JIT is going to present its report on 24th December, but the ministers are giving statements in such a way that they know the entire report which is alarming . As a matter of fact the government is trying to create mayhem in the country
The PPP’s leaders said that If an institution for accountability is working in the country then what is the need for special advisor for accountability. The accountability of those is must who are raising its slogans.


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