Hunger and penury have become huge cause of poverty


Arshad Ali,

Karachi: Hunger and penury have become huge cause of poverty, men are jobless and women are compelled to work in fields with girls from dawn to dusk. Landlords, contactors and supervisors have violated them by low wages and they just pay 150 rupees daily wage for their 8 hours labouring a day, people have migrated from Thatta to Karachi including whole area of Malir district because of basic facilities . Family of huts are without a support and ailments, hunger have spread and children of that family are without , clothes, food and education. There is scarcity of water and stealth of sand has ruined the fields of prosperous and green Malir area.
Because of no any opportunity for employment women have become constrained to nurture their children. Jamkando, Sheedi Village, Maroo Village, Dumloti, Khair Muhammad Khaskeli Village and other Malir area women go with their daughters for work in fields. Same situation is in Thatta where those who live at the bank of river move to Malir in the season of rain with their cattles and many of them search for job and hardly get job in fields of Malir where they settle there and built their cottages on vacant plots. In this regard it has been disclosed in a survey that landlords of Jamkando, Darsano Channo, Link Road, Dumloti and other area’s of Malir select women for cheap and fast labour in their fields. Women who labor in fileds and habitants of Jamkando named Irum Khaskeli, Safooran Khaskeli, Sadori Malah and others have given whole lives working in fields and they have been working since 20 years age and now they have become 80 years old, their husbands take drugs and do not support the family, they torture on them when they are asked for labour and some of men from them do not have job so they also work with their wives and daughters in the landlords fields. Women are paid 150 rupees and men are paid 300 to 500 rupees. After labouring in the fields when women reach their homes they become worry for woods and water to make meal. Many of support less and widows have 6 to 8 children each to nurture, children all the day cry for meal and many children lay on the ground because of ailments and mothers can not afford to get them cured and their children are also bereaved from the right of education. Pustulations on their feet and hands do not for them for earning the bread of thir children. They are not provided the facilities of Benazir income support and Zakat by the political leaders. The season of winter is an exam for them and their children but their huts are not covered to secure them from cold and no any person is to whom they appeal for their burning needs. Government, NGOs and other authorities do not do any thing in their fevor and also do not care of them. Women living in opend and uncovered cottages have so many questions in their minds that where would be their rights and how their problems will be ended. Being a human if one thinks that a person when he gets cold he will buy jacket or sweater to cover himself but those who live in huts without any sweater or jacket how they will bear the cold. Women always demand for supporting to humanitarian authorities, selective leaders and government to support them and save their children from cold and sunny weather and direction should be given by government to landlords to pay them right of their labouring so that they can survive their remaining days comfortably.


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