PPP gives application to ECP for initiating reference for Imran’s disqualification


Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party has submitted an application in Election Commission of Pakistan to file an reference to disqualify Prime Minister Imran Khan and get the details of assets possessed by him.
On Thursday, the leader of PPP , Farhat Ullah Khan Babar said while talking to media outside the office of Election Commission that some contradictions are found in the property of Imran Khan . Similarly PPP has contacted ECP to know the details of property of Faisal Wada .The party has also given application to FBR SECP for knowing the details of tax of PM’s sister Aleema Khan and anonymous accounts of Jagangir Tareen.
He said that PM gave the detail of his property and assets to Election Commission of Pakistan at the time of contesting elections but PPP got some evidences that Imran hid some of his property from ECP and his some transactions are also suspicious . In this connection the detail submitted by the former PTI’s leader Babar S . Akbar has also been obtained.
“At the moment the situation is that the JIT is made to probe nameless accounts of other leader but no one is asking the members of ruling party’s leaders.PPP is not against the accountability but it should be without any discrimination but we have reservations on the prevailing position”, he added.
He said that it is not possible to keep different standards for some people and remaining all political parties would face music .


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