8520 , primary , middle school teachers of RWP to get grade, 16, 17

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Rawalpindi: Provincial Education Department has decided to grant Grade 16 and Grade 17 to teachers of primary and middle school respectively.
According to media reports, funds will be allocated for them in the budget of 2019-20. Implementation will be made from July 2019.
Overall 2, 43,000 teachers across the province while 8,552 from district Rawalpindi will take benefit from this decision.
Primary school teachers across province were performing their jobs in Grade 9 since the long period of time.
Previous government of PML-N had accorded approval to giving Grade 14 to primary school teacher’s and funds were also allocated in the budget.
But teacher’s organizations had demanded that primary school teachers should be given Grade 16 due to acquiring high education and seniority and secondary school teachers should be awarded Grade17 and Grade 18.
There are 1, 54,845 primary school teachers, 89,133 middle school teachers, across province.
Overall there are 2, 43,968 teachers.
Out of 8,552 teachers of district Rawalpindi, 5,232 primary school teachers, and 3,320 middle school teachers will benefit from this move.
Minister for Education while declaring the decision of teacher’s organization demand just has decided to give Grade 16 to primary school teachers and Grade 17, and 18 to Middle school teachers.
Directions have been issued to Schools Education department Punjab on this count

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