Might is right’ still prevails at least in IoK: National Front

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Expressing serious concern over the day to day killings of Kashmiri people at the hands of Indian forces and their collaborators, Jammu Kashmir National Front Deputy Chairman, Altaf Hussain Wani has strongly appealed the Human Rights organisations of the world especially UNHRC, to take tangible measures to save a nation from being wiped out.
Reacting to the recent brutal and barbaric killings in Pulwama by government forces, National Front Deputy Chairman said in a statement that the whole Kashmiri nation has been left crying in pain. No small a society like Kashmir can afford killings at a pace they are going on. The government forces are in fact on a policy to silent the entire population so that there is no objection to the illogical and illegal Indian occupation. For this, innocent and unarmed Kashmiri people are being massacred, maimed, insulted, jailed, disappeared and injured psychologically.
The situation has went to the extent where the whole Kashmiri population has lost faith on international community as well, because the criminal silence of the whole world after the Pulwama killings, has vindicated that “might is right” still prevails at least in Kashmir.
Terming the killings of seven unarmed people in south Kashmir by government forces as a brutal massacre, National Front Deputy Chairman said, that the human soul is badly injured by the incident where unarmed people where showered bullets in open fields and left dying without allowing people to reach to the injured. The Karbala in Kharepora area of Pulwama will be remembered for times to come and the mayhem will continue to haunt the locals for long.
The National Front Deputy Chairman appealed the world forums especially the UNHRC, to come to the rescue of oppressed Kashmiri people by taking practical steps instead of issuing guarded statements only.

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