Jail is my second home: Zardari


TANDO ALLAH YAR: Former President Ali Zardari said on Sunday that Pakistan Peoples’ Party gets further stronger whenever action is taken against it.
“Jail is our second home. What will they get after arresting us,” the PPP’s co-chairman said in a press conference? Zardari rebuked the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s government by calling it an under-16 team. “They can finally start doing governance if they stop arresting people.”
Zardari said that the party had accepted Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s death and didn’t fight against it because it did not want institutions to be weakened. “We still don’t want them to be weakened,” he asserted, describing the ‘force’ as one that possesses a “passionate ideology “. We don’t wish to encourage it,” he said.
“That is why we always give [them] leverage and space,” the PPP leader said, adding: “They have the wrong impression that we give them space because we are fearful or wish to take power away from them.”
“We only want neutrality from them. We can take power on our own.” When asked about the 18th Amendment, the former president said that the current government was one of “imbeciles” who lacked understanding.
Zardari said that the Federal Board of Revenue is not able to collect taxes because revenues cannot be increased through coercion. “It’s a government of blind people. They don’t know that the country will get stronger by strong provinces,” he said.
The PPP leader said that the stock market is in tatters and so is the business situation all over Pakistan.
“They are stealing employment from people by destroying shops. Quite contrary to there election promises. The government should have given an alternate space to the Empress market shopkeepers before demolishing their shops,” he said.
Former president said that politics is handled strategically but they (PTI government) actually don’t know how to play.


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