Indo Pak conflict and Kashmir


Salman Choudhary,
Asian’s two traditional rival Pakistan and India from first day of their creation these both countries want to defeat each other but in seventy years nothing couldn’t be done for people. Even today, more than half the population is living below the poverty line in both countries. But during the last two decades an obvious difference of internal situation and foreign policy between these rivals. Here in pakistan unfortunately the political leadership has all its capabilities wasted in war against each other instead of improving its reputation on international level. While on other side India “which is called a secular state” continued the massacre of innocent kashmiris and also tried to prove themselves oppressed in front of the world. But India’s double standard hollow it from inside where minorities are suffering from insecurity and hatred in their hearts is increasing keenly.The Indian leadership also understand well that Kashmir is not part of India nor will it be, but it is difficult to say the truth for every government there because it is facing the resistance of extremist hindus and traditional opposition. While the success if the extremist BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) depends on minority hatred and massacre of Kashmiris. Another fact is that the political parties depend on Pakistan enmity to come to power in India. and on this basis extremist vote for them. Due to growing poverty the majority of both sides want peace, prosperity and good relation with each other but it will be possible when the dispute of Kashmir is resolved. Unfortunately the Pakistani politics became disturbed due to internal perplexity and off course unconventional politicians, because of this external elements have had the opportunity to create non-alignment in the country and than sensitive issue of Kashmir went to the cold box. Today due to a weak Kashmir policy of Pakistan, India has absconded from bilateral talks. International community and world human rights organizations should force India to stop ongoing genocide of Kashmiris….


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