AJK would get more powers through 14th amendment, says AJK PM


MIRPUR: (Parliament Times) The AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that Azad Jammu and Kashmir would get more powers through 14th amendment.
Addressing a reception at Chakswari on Saturday he said after the amendment government would be able to enhance its sources of income through income tax, excise duty and inland revenue which would be spent on the State’s growth and development.
The Premier said that more than 600 sacred places of followers of Budhmat, Hindus and Sikhs at Sharda, Ali Baig and other regions would be repaired. “I have given proposal to federal government that corridors should also be opened for the followers of other religions in AJK like Kartarpure corridor” he said.
He said as party President he was answerable to the queries of party workers. If Hazrat Umar was asked about additional sheet, why could I not be asked, he added.
Mr. Haider made it clear that his party was thoroughly united and there were no differences of any sort in the party. He repeated that after ages AJK youth were being provided jobs through NTS and PSC on merit, he remarked. He said its effects would go down to several generations which could bring a societal revolution. He told the workers that government was functioning according to rules of business and law. PML-N’s agenda is to serve the people without any discrimination, he maintained.


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