Residents of sector C-16 call for payment of acquired land at market rate


TARNOL: Residents of sector C-16 have protested against non initiation of any development work and non provision of basic facilities to them by the government.
As per media reports, residents of Sangjani, Dhok Rajgan, Dhok Timman, and Dhok Sheikhan said that land was acquired for sector c-16 in 2008 and no development work has been executed following the acquisition of land. The population of this sector which runs into thousands stands deprived of basic facilities, sui gas, mettled roads, water and sewerage faculties.
We can not build homes on our ancestral land and nor can we install electricity meter, the residents added.
They stated that in 2008 the rate of land per kanal was fixed Rs 835000 while market rate of this land at present is more than Rs 5 million per kanal.
They said that finance minister Asad Umar had pledged before polls that PTI if voted to power would give their due rights to them and now he should deliver his electoral promise and ensure payment of price of acquired land at market rate.


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