Solution of Jammu Kashmir


Writen by Salman Choudhary :

It is a bitter truth that for the solution of jammu & kashmir dispute where our ancestors struggled and sacrificed, right there after the partition our so-called leadership did not play a major role. Particularly the leadership of Pakistani administrated territory have nothing done except personal interest and happiness.
A true leadership always devote itself to the public and state which causes recognition and confidence for this. Unfortunately the leadership of Azad Kashmir have spent all of energies for the promotion of pakistani political parties in last seven decades which proved to be a major reason for the backing of kashmir solution. I wouldn’t feeling hesitation to say that instead the real narrative of kashmir dispute keep in front of any pakistani government and world community the Kashmiri leadership have tried to prove itself loyal employees of Islamabad. They have slogan and ideology” Kashmir banega Pakistan” but thy never ever felt the real pain of those people who suffering of indian brutality from last 71 years where every human breath engrained with stench of ammunition and human being living under the guns. In occupied kashmir only during last three decades more then one lac jashmiries martyred by indian troops, about eight thousand custodial killings, one lac and fifty thousand civilian arrested, 25 thousand women widowed, 110 thousand children orphaned and more then 11 thousand women gang raped by brutal indian army but unfortunately any pakistani government and AJK leadership have absolutely failed to creat a systematic kashmir policy which reflect their inefficiency. Government of pakistan has spent billions of rupees on kashmir committee but every federal government honored only to their love ones in this. While ministry of kashmir and GB affairs is only functioning the control as servant who lead there. Who is the responsible for it? Infect AJK leadership is responsible to neglect this sensitive issue. It should have been that leadership of base camp stying on a stand forced pakistan to adopt a systematic policy of kashmir issue, but they could not do that. There is still time the AjK leadership agreeing on one point agenda and forced Pakistani policy makers to a systematic policy should be adopted on kashmir which could convince the international community and world human organizations for the peaceful solution of kashmir dispute otherwise coming generations would never forgive to current base camp leadership..


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