Govt dissolves Sui Southern, Northern gas company boards


ISLAMABAD: The federal government approved on Thursday the dissolution of the board of both the Sui Southern Gas Company and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the gas shortage in Sindh is a huge issue and must be resolved as soon as possible. He has also said that whoever is responsible must be held accountable and cannot be forgiven under any circumstances.
The people should not be made to suffer, said the premier. He said the government must come to the people’s aid.
Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Sheikh, however, said this is nothing more than an eye-wash. The government was going to dissolve the board anyway because it was formed by the last government, he told a private TV channel.
It is OGRA’s responsibility to check the supply of oil and gas, he said, asking what the point is of an inquiry by it. He said gas being produced in Sindh isn’t being supplied to it, which is the main problem. It is leading to a law and order situation in the province, he said.
He urged the Centre to keep the Sindh government on board when it takes any action.
Sindh has been without CNG for four days and public transport has come to a standstill. CNG stations in major cities are closed and people commuting to offices and schools are in a fix because the only way for them to get to their destinations is via costly private vehicles or taxis.


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